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House washing can help to protect the surface being cleaned as well as the surrounding areas. As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for water to penetrate deeply in a poorly sealed window because the water pressure was too high and pierced the seal.

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House Washing

Soft washing has become a part of the professional cleaning industry for nearly a decade, but it is speedily becoming a part of nearly every professional cleaning contractor’s repertoire today. The method has something for everyone, and it is also better for the environment than most other cleaning methods due to how efficiently it uses water.

There are many more professional cleaning companies that now provide soft washing services. They all pitch in the same way, claiming that soft washing is safer than pressure cleaning, that you can get spotless cleaning results with no pressure, and that it is the best way to clean your home and other places.

2M Softwash professionals already have tools to make their jobs easier, faster, and more efficient. Our company has made significant investments in their equipment and employees. The high-level tools they use enable them to consistently produce excellent results while working quickly.

Trusted & Affordable House Washing Service

Feel free to contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE for house washing. We are proud to provide the most complete house washing service to our neighbors and surrounding communities.

Our Softwash Process

To provide the most thorough cleaning possible, 2M SoftWash employs certified state-of-the-art Soft Wash equipment. Our entire Soft Wash exterior cleaning system is placed on our fleet of trucks, allowing us to go virtually anywhere. The system is expertly designed to protect both people and property. Even better, our Soft Wash home exterior and roof cleaning system runs on batteries, so you won’t hear any loud noises while we clean. Each chemical we are using for exterior Soft Wash cleaning is completely biodegradable, minimal in VOC, water-based, and bleach stable.

Benefits of Soft Washing

Soft washing kills the most microbes, lasts the longest, uses the fewest resources, and produces the desired cleaning results. Soft washing is a modern technique that has speedily become the preferred approach for cleaning home exteriors, roofs, office buildings, sanitizing schools and playground equipment, and a variety of other tasks. Soft Wash employs the TRUE SAFE low water pressure system, as well as 100% biodegradable chemicals and detergents

Soft Washing is an amazing new technology that achieves:

  • The highest kill rate of bacteria
  • Lasts the longest
  • Uses the least amount of resources
  • Has the best cleaning results

Areas We Serve

  • Sanford
  • DeLand
  • Heathrow
  • Lake Mary
  • Osteen
  • DeBary
  • Orange City
  • Deltona
  • Lake Helen
  • Geneva

Our Work

Our Happy Clients!

I had a wooden stockade fence and my front and rear brick stairs cleaned. They look brand new.

Ron Burnwood

2M Soft Washing did a great job on my stairs removing the super stuck on moss that I spent a long time fighting to get off.

Lily Granger​

After having 2M Soft Washing treat the roof, not only did we remove all buildup, our roof looks good as new!

Jeson Foxx